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Welcome to the Eaton Rapids Bands multimedia library.  This is a collection of photos and videos of band activities from all levels.  The items found here have been donated by fellow band members/parents and are solely intended for the sharing with other band families.  The original photographer maintains the copyright of all donated photos/videos, other uses is strictly prohibited.

The Band Boosters is currently looking for a few people to take either photos or video at Eaton Rapids band activities.  If you have an intrest in helping to support this library, please contact us at  The more people that contribute, the more variety we will have.

If you would like to submit photos, you need to perpare your files as follows;
  • Height or width can not exceed 600 pixels
  • Resolution should be set to 72DPI
  • File Format: JPEG
  • File Size: 20-400K
  • Files should be saved to a zip file by event. (one event per zip file)
  • Email the zip file to
If you have a video, we would encourage you to create a youtube account, upload the video, and send the URL to the webadmin.  Youtube accounts are free, but if you're unable to do that you can burn your video to CD or DVD and send it to:

Eaton Rapids Band Boosters
PO Box 221
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827

You can also burn your photos or videos to CD or DVD and bring it to the next Band Meeting.

Thank you for your support!!
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