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When:   Saturdays May 9th through August 29th

Where:   Springport Motor Speedway Concessions

What: $40.00 per person working goes directly to your family account per night!  Each family may have 2 workers per night.

We need 10 people per race to work.  

Sign up now to reserve your spot.  Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:

 or contact Betty at 517-614-0749 or at

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Do not wear short shorts, tube tops, flip flops, open toed shoes or non-school appropriate attire. We would like to represent the band so if possible one of the marching band t-shirts  would be appropriate.  You could also wear school colors.  Long hair must be worn up, and you must wear a hat (ball cap type is fine)  must provide your own. Do not contact speedway personnel regarding this.

Ages required to work:

Workers must be at least entering 8th grade for the 2015-2016 school year and must have a parent/adult working also.  Adults need to work the cash register and the grill/fryer.  Do not contact speedway personnel regarding this.

There are two concession stands:

There are two concession stands, one in the front and one by the pit. We need two teams, one of 4 and one of 6.


The people working in the front concession need to be there by 4:00 and the people in the back need to be there by 2:00.  Race nights generally go until at least 10 pm. , they can go as late as 12:00 to 12:30 am.  We are expected to help set up before races and clean up after the races. Do not contact speedway personnel regarding this.

Race cancellations:

There are races called for weather and we will contact you to let you know that it is cancelled. If that happens you do not get paid for that weekend. If the race is cancelled due to weather during a race you will receive only partial payment depending on what the boosters receive from the speedway.

Band camp weekends:

We would like to try to man the concessions the day before and the day camp ends with no band members.


It is very warm in the concession stand.  It is also very busy.  Please be aware that there is not a lot of time to sit and rest and we will be on our feet for most of the evening.  Be sure you are wearing comfortable cool clothing.  Towards the end of summer it may also get cooler in the evening and you may need a sweatshirt.

Illness or Emergencies:

This is a food service area.  Please do not participate if you have any type of illness.  If you are ill and have a fever please call and cancel as soon as possible.  We will have people scheduled in reserve.  If you have an emergency please contact us as soon as possible to let us know that you will be unable to participate:  Betty Humphrey: 517-614-0749 or Lamour Humphrey: 517-763-3306.


If there is a problem with a student or parent during the concession stand fundraiser the Band Boosters reserve the right to ask them not to participate in future race weekends.  These problems include but are not limited to: failure to show up for your scheduled weekend without notice, lewd or rude behavior, fighting, failure to participate in concession stand work, drunkenness or any behavior that would not represent the band in a positive manner, or failure to follow guidelines set by the boosters.