With the Eaton Rapids Band Booster RaiseRight program you can automatically add money into your family account just by ordering gift cards. The amount deposited into your account depends on the merchant, but with each purchase you can receive money for just using the program. This program is one of our top fundraising programs.  For our 2014 Disney trip, More than $10,000 came from family accounts.  RaiseRight takes a little effort, but how can you turn down free money?

How it works:

For example, if your family buys $50 of gas each week, by using the reload-able scrip Speedway card (4%), you could be adding $91 per year into your family account.

Please note that all orders are paid by linking your bank account (PrestoPay) or by credit card at checkout.

There are three types of purchases:

List of participating Brands


Sign up is as easy as completing the following steps:

How to purchase