Smartmusic Software

This program is amazing!  The short version is the program contains the accompaniment music to many of the solos that students have or will perform at solo and ensemble festival.

What does this mean?  It means that a student can hear how their part if to be played and how that part fits with the piano accompaniment.  In addition, the program contains exercises from our method books, scale exercises, jazz improvisation accompaniments and so much more!  Finally, it contains many of the band music titles that we will play on our concerts.  So again, a student at home practicing can hear how their part sounds and they can also play it and see where they made mistakes, check fingerings, and hear how their part fits with the rest of the band.

This program costs the school an annual subscription of $130, but you can have a copy for your home computer for $30/year plus $12 for the microphone.  I will be doing a demonstration for each of the bands.

This really will make practicing at home more engaging and fun.  I also plan to have students use the program when taking tests in class, they can record themselves playing and I can listen to each student during my free time.  If you’d like to check it out go to: